North Face House
  • Location of Site: El Escorial,Madrid

    Design Team:     Félix Toledo Lerín
                                  Noelia Somolinos
                                  Luis del Rey Cristóbal

    Project Type: Single Family House

    Site Area: 5100 sm

    Built-up Area: 1450 sm

    Date of completion: 2015
    Photographer: Cruzis - Pablo Cruz
The “NORTH FACE” is a house protected by a climbing wall: wrapped and always wet, where the moss growth on the basatls stones. You will need a “good hand” for climbing it.
The house is devoloped along the “north face” wall, and it works like a thermal protector that receives air from a geothermal pipe and from a solar chimney.
The model shows only a part of the house: the North Face wall.
The main intention is to construct the most natural wall as posible. Almost like we cut a natural cliff and we carry it to the land. It is made of basalt stones and projected concrete.