nodo17 is an architectural office in permanent transformation and evolution.

    It can be extended or compressed, and even can mutate with the contact of other professionals.

    There is a deep relation between the technology and nodo17 evolutive office.

    nodo17 complements its profesional practice with an R&D&i department, that is divided mainly in three areas: Technology, Urban Remodeling and Thought.

    nodo17 has been awarded in many national and international competitions.

    Actually nodo17 is combining projects of differents scales.
  •                                       Manuel Pérez Romero ( Founding Partner )
    Ph.D. in Architecture Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (ES), B.Arch, Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ES). He also studied architecture in Politecnico di Torino (IT), Politecnico di Milano (IT) and Westminster University (GB).
    He is a Lecturer of Design Projects at E.T.S.A.G. in Alcalá de Henares since 2001, and he has been Lecturer of Design Projects at E.T.S.A. Madrid. He is also a professor of Construction Systems, Construction Workshop and Final Project at IE School of Architecture.
    He has collaborated with Soriano&Asociados (Madrid) and Foreign Office Architects, (London).
    He founded the partnership nodo17 architects (2002), and has received awards in many national and international competitions.
    He has more than 100 publications in different magazines and books. Recently, the Korean editorial Damdi Publishing Co, has published a monographic “mook” about nodo17 work.
    His interests focus on two different and almost opposite architectural scales. The small architecture based on technique and invention; and the urban planning based on the possibility of an architecture far from equilibrium oriented on time and information.
  •                                          Jaime Tarazona Lizarraga  ( Partner )
    Qualified in Architecture from the E.T.S.A.G. University of Alcalá, Madrid. He also studied at the Universita degli Studi di Sassari, Sardinia, Italy.

    He Collaborates with the NGO S.A.R. Joins the Spanish contingent AECID moved to Puerto Principe, Haiti and Concepción, Chile, as logistical and technical support.

    He is investigating in transdisciplinary fields like communication and urban branding
  • nodo17 TEAM

    - Architects -
    ... are colaborating
    Birga Wingenfeld
    Victor Jiménez Jiménez
    Teresa del Prado Palencia
    Pablo Magán Uceda
    Pablo Méndez
    Mireya Escobedo

    ... have colaborated

    Félix Toledo Lerín
    Luis del Rey Cristobal
    Noelia Sonmolinos
    Alegría Zorrilla
    Aitor Casero
    Mercedes Peña
    Michael Moradiellos
    Adrian Navalón
    Silvia Ribot Gil
    Irene Braojos Entrena
    Claudia Cerrada Isact
    Inés Espugares Vazquez
    Syrine Karoui
    Blanca Pérez

    - Foreman Builders -                            - Engineer -
                                             - Mobility -
    Ignacio Delgado Conde                      Euring S.L.                                          Carlos Corral
    Vicente Rubio                                        A.C.H. S.L

    - Renders-                                              - Artists-                                              - Landscape consultant -
    Jaime Lopez                                          Boamistura                                        Miguel Pérez Carballo
    Victor Quiros                                                                                                       Brianda Campoamor

    - Models -                                                - Photographers -                             - Structures -
    Gilberto Ruis Lopez                              Amparo Garrido                               Joaquin Antuña
                                                                      Pablo Cruz                                        Jofemar

    - Textile Architecture -

    - Partner Offices -
    Es_parks Architecture Urban and Planning

    - Temporary asociated offices -
    Carlos Arroyo + Eleonora Guidotti
    Bunch Arquitectura y Proyectos
    JDA Arquitectura

    1ºPlace. Urban Planning and Architectural Design of the Klekovaca Tourist Centre, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina. 2014

    1º Prize. Auditorium and Bullfighter's. Blanca, Murcia. 2007

    1º Prize. Woman Institute and Municipal File. Mostoles, Madrid. 2006.

    1º Prize. Urban Remodeling of Las Margaritas Neighbourhood. Getafe, Madrid. 2006

    1º Prize. Europan VI. Toledo. With Carlos Arroyo y Eleonora Guidotti.2001

    1º Prize. Water eco-museum. Guimar, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. With Carlos Arroyo. 1999

    2º Prize. Older's People Home. Valladolid. 2008
    Commendation. Urban reGeneration. University of Manitoba. Winnipeg, Canada. 2013.
    Commendation. Technology Dome. Zamora. With es-parks ( nodo17 + mtm + cso ). 2012

    Commendation. Emerging Architecture. London. 2009

    Commendation. XIII Manuel de Oraá Architectural Prize. 2006

    Commendation. Vivienda Viva Competition. Guadalajara. 2006

    Commendation. Urban Solutions. 2005

    Commendation. Auditorium. Alfafar, Valencia.

    Commendation. CasaAmericana Hotel, Pego, Alicante.